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Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic B5S PETROL Camper / RV Kit 12V Water/air

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The small and well-proven water heater Hydronic 2 B5S uses an independent self contained coolant system to provide heating and hot water. This is achieved very quickly due to a small coolant circuit being used which has a very quick warm up time, the hot water is produced via a plate heat exchanger therefore the hot water is ready in approximately 5 minutes.

The Espar / Eberspacher Motorhome heater is typically mounted externally on the vehicle, whilst the header tank and plate heat exchanger utilize minimal interior space. The blower units would be mounted in the area where the heat is most required i.e. living area and the rear. These 2 speed blowers can operate independently or together & are controlled by a thermostat. Heating & hot water on the move is possible. The bypass (optional) is used for hot water only in order to achieve a quick heat up time.

Operation – Once activated, the Espar / Eberspacher B5S heater will use the vehicle’s own fuel in a combustion process to heat the coolant via a heat exchanger. The heated coolant is then circulated round the heating circuit passing through the fresh water plate heat exchanger & blower heaters by an integrated water pump. The Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic unit is self regulating & operates in a similar way to a domestic central heating system.

Espar / Eberspacher B5S Hydronic 2 12V kit includes:

• Petrol Eberspacher / Espar Hydronic II B5S Heater 12V
• Heatmister DT-B Thermostat with a temp sensor to work with blower box. (Option to upgrade to a 7-day Timer) 
• All electrical harnesses and connections
• 1 meter of exhaust pipe
• 1 meter of combustion Intake pipe 
• 4m of water hose (Heater) (20mm)
• 4m of water hose 16mm ID (Blower Box)
• 1 Exhaust Silencer (24mm)
• Water Pump
• Fuel Pump
• Standpipe
• All necessary clips and screws
• Heat plate exchanger
• Heater water tank 5 Liter 
• Kalori Blower box 4.3kw with Grill
• Mounting Bracket