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Heatso COOL Air Conditioning Kit 12V for Van / RV - Coming coon

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Heatso COOL AC Air Conditioning kit for your van!


Unique air conditioning system for RV and van build. This specific van converion kit is seperate from the vehicle Air conditioning sytem, with low AMP draw. Kit is designed to operate while stationary and vehicle engine not runnin. 

The simplicity of this system is unique set up from Espar where additional cooling unit can be installed in any location to meed your needs. It provides 2kw / 6.8 BTU, which is more then enough to cover whole living are of the van conversion or any vehicle up to 20sq feet. Due to compact and high qualitycomponents external unit -condesner can be installed in various external locations, even under the vehicle, this wya you will save space on your roof top for additional storage unit or solar panel. Available in 24V as well. 


Blower unit can have ducting accessories, which allows you to re-route air ducting to different comaprtments. AC unit comes with Grill as standard, but can have up to 3 outlets with possible ducting routing. 


Controller and thermostat allows you to control cool air output, to ensure it meets temperature requirement set. Automatic control / Thermostatic function is available.