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Waeco CFX Wireless Temperature Sensor & Display

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The wireless display shows the internal temperature of the fridge from a distance. It also shows the voltage protection level set and has adjustable alarm limits that enable an audible warning if the temperature rises or the battery gets low. Only suitable for CoolFreeze CFX compressor cool box fridge or freezer models.

Wireless operation (2.4GHz) up to 15 metres.
Display shows:
-fridge temperature.
-fridge power source.
-battery protection setting.
-alarm setting.

Temperature alarm with 2 level settings.
Audible and visual alarm.
Backlit display when 12/24 V DC connected.
Dual power source: AAA batteries (included).
1.8 metre lead and 12 / 24 volt cigarette plug.
Weight 0.1 kg.

Width 6.6 cm.
Height 8.5 cm.
Depth 2.3 cm.