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130 Liter Indel B Cruise 130 Fridge - CR 130

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130 Liter Cruise Refrigerator/Freezer

 The 130 liter Indel B 12 Volt refrigerator is an ideal cooling solution for your RV or van conversion. This spacious 30 inch fridge will make your vehicle feel just like home. With just over 4.5 cubic feet of cooled storage space, the Cruise 130 can easily store all of your food and beverages during your next adventure.

Located at the bottom of the fridge is the power efficient, heavy-duty SECOP BD35F compressor. This SECOP compressor is especially durable, as it is engineered to withstand extreme vibrations. It’s powerful, silent, and reliable, designed for use in RVs, vans, and commercial vehicles.

The new CR130 tower fridge was made to fully utilize the limited space available in a motorhome. Its sleek modern design was made with the newest vehicle designs in mind. Inside the refrigerator, there are multiple heights for the fridge shelves, so you can easily adjust the spacing to fit your needs.

The Indel B Cruise 130 refrigerator runs off a 12V or 24V DC power supply. At full capacity, this Indel B fridge uses just under 12 W/hour. That’s enough for it to ensure that your drinks are cold, the ice cream in the freezer doesn’t melt, and the food in the fridge is fresh for longer. 

Key features

  • 130 liters of reliably refrigerated storage space.

  • Modern design makes the fridge fit right in your motorhome’s interior design.

  • Efficient, heavy-duty 12/24V SECOP fan-cooled compressor (SECOP BD35F).

  • Industry standard stainless steel mounting frames guarantee a quick and easy installation.

  • Automatic interior lights make it easy to use the fridge in low-light conditions.

About Indel B

Indel B was founded in 1967. The company started by making small refrigerators powered by 12/24V DC. These small fridges could be used while in movement, which made them perfect for use on vehicles and during leisure-time activities.

In 1982 Indel B was selected by NASA to create a refrigerator for use aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the only company whose products could function in a completely weightless environment.

Today Indel B offers a wide range of products, designed with attention to detail, and with the needs of the customer in mind. Indel B has always been environmentally conscious, and are now working towards full environmental sustainability.

Technical specifications



Volume (L)

130 L


64 lbs (28.8 kg)


29.7 x 20.7 x 21.6 in (755 x 525  x 550 mm) (HxWxD)

Power Consumption (W/24h)

0.438 kW / 24h


12V / 24V

2 Year US Warranty included.