Eberspacher Water Heaters (35)

Eberspacher / Espar Water Heaters - Efficient and Reliable Heating Choice

Searching for a dependable water heating solution for your vehicle? Look no further than Espar/Eberspacher water heaters.
Whether you need an Espar diesel water heater, or a gasoline water heater, these products offer durability, efficiency, and performance like no other.

Suitable for Diverse Applications

Espar / Eberspacher water heaters are not limited to standard vans like Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit.
They can be easily integrated into various vehicles, including campervans, food trucks, semis, 18-wheelers, mobile workshops, and marine vessels like sailboats and yachts.

Extensive Product Range

Explore our comprehensive catalog offering a wide range of Espar water heaters for sale. With different power outputs, prices, shapes, and dimensions, as well as standalone units or kits, there's something for every need and budget.
All units come with warranties and detailed documentation for simple installation. Espar water heater manuals provide step-by-step instructions.

Improved Performance

Equipped with the latest software, Espar/Eberspacher water heater offers improved heating performance without significantly impacting fuel consumption. Customized to fit your specific needs, wherever you are.
Ready to upgrade your vehicle's heating system? Browse our selection of Eberspacher and Espar water heaters today and experience exceptional warmth and comfort on the road.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any queries or require expert advice on selecting the ideal Espar air heater for your vehicle, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
We're committed to providing our expertise to help you make the best choice for your needs.


  1. Can Espar/Eberspacher water heaters be installed in DIY camper van conversions?
    Yes, Espar heaters are user-friendly and come with detailed manuals, making them suitable for both professional and DIY installations.

  2. Do Espar water heaters require regular maintenance?
    Espar heaters are designed for long-term performance and reliability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

  3. Do Espar water heaters offer remote control capabilities?
    Many Espar models offer remote control options, such as Espar Hydronic D5E RV Heater Kit, offering an EasyStart Pro controller, allowing you to adjust temperatures from a distance.

  4. What fuel types are compatible with Espar water heaters?
    Typically, Espar offers diesel water heaters, but there are also gasoline-powered models available.