Espar Airtronic Gasoline Air Heaters (8)

Gasoline-powered Espar Airtronic air heaters – capable, durable and efficient

For a gasoline-powered van, like the Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit, van conversion, trucks like MAN, DAF, Scania or even RV’s, food trucks, as well as mobile workshops, the Eberspacher / Espar gasoline air heaters, are the optimal solution.

These petrol units can be fitted with petrol-powered engines. They are ergonomic in size; thus, you can fit them seemingly everywhere. Espar Airtronic gasoline air heaters are commonly installed under the passenger seat of the vehicle. Contrary to diesel units, they are not recommended to be used in marine vehicles.

In terms of efficiency, the gasoline bunk heaters and air heater systems are dependable and capable. On average, they will consume around 0.54 litres of gasoline per hour on maximum power. The heat output is 13000BTU or 3.8kW. You can also find more powerful solutions for sale on our catalog. Price, along with feedback and technical characteristics of this bunk heater, will be listed on the sub-page of the product. We also provide a manual.

The gas-powered heater systems are known for their simple, DIY-level installation which almost everyone can complete. This is especially true thanks to a manual. It should be noted that Espar Airtronic gasoline air heaters can be fitted not only to motor vehicles but to living areas as well.

Finally, two additional things should be mentioned. The high altitude kit (HAK). It expands the operation range from 7200 feet to over 10 000 feet or from 2.2 km (without the kit) to 3+ km respectively. Heatso also recommends combining this solution with EasyStart Pro controllers. Well worth the price if you ask us.

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