5 kW Air Heaters (14)

Arguably the most powerful and efficient air heaters around

When you look at the entire range of available air heaters, the 5kW air heater lot stands out as the most powerful of the lot. Both diesel- and petrol / gasoline-powered 5kW units can bring in great auxiliary heating features to all sorts of land vehicles like campervans, regular passenger and cargo vans, and in the case of diesel units, to marine vehicles as well. 

Espar / Eberspacher and Webasto air heaters can emit a large amount of heat, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The heater will operate and start even if the weather outside is as low as 40 degrees below zero Celsius (-40°F). Espar / Eberspacher units with the High-altitude kit and Webasto devices with manual rheostat adjustments can even function at higher altitudes than 3 thousand meters or 10 thousand feet above sea level.

In addition, the 5kW air heaters can warm and add comfort to moderate-size living or working areas with low heat insulation. Since they are tremendously capable, efficiency could be overlooked. Not in this case, however. These diesel or petrol-powered 12V and 24V air heaters consume a modest amount of fuel, even on maximum power. The price of maintaining one is not large. 

Finally, installation, servicing, maintenance and adjustments are simple to pull off. All of the fittings can be DIY, even without any prior experience or specific knowledge. After purchasing, no extra costs will be present, other than the time needed to install. Adjustable and various duct lengths allow for fluid and ergonomic layouts without having to compromise.

Delivery times, shipping terms and other info

Heatso ships globally. From New Zealand to United States and from the UK to Japan, we ship 5kW heaters and other products all around the world. However, delivery times vary slightly, depending on where the shipment is headed. 

Our units come with a warranty so that all customers can expect trouble-free heating and simple if any maintenance. The standard shipping time is 2 to 4 business days, and your package is shipped within 24 hours after the order is complete. Heatso collaborates with FedEx and UPS for all air heater deliveries. If you wish to arrange a more convenient shipping method or want to select a faster option – let us know by sending a message!

If any questions about these particular heaters, their maintenance and service, shipping or accessories – remain, please do not hesitate and drop a line!