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Improve your current Eberspacher / Espar air heater functionality

Auxiliary air heaters for vehicles are sophisticated devices that have excellent air heating capabilities. Espar / Eberspacher makes arguably the best products in the business and can boast a broad range of products in this category. However, the base setup is not always complete, and the user might want to expand the functionality of their air and/or water heaters by adding accessories. They could also have the desire to replace old, broken or other parts. Such actions help greatly improve the air heating in your van, van conversion, truck, campervan, RV, mobile workshop, yacht or any other boat.

Accessories come in many types, shapes and sizes. In general, you need a compatible unit to combine Espar / Eberspacher heater accessories with the heater itself. A controller, HAK (High-altitude kit), connecting parts like pipes, ducts, also modulators as well as other purchases have to match in order to be efficient. Find what is right for your Espar D2, D4, D5 or different types of marine or RV air heaters here!

An incompatible purchase will be of no use. This is why we would recommend getting in touch and discussing buying before making the decision. An accessory is a more delicate purchase than the entire unit, and the cost of a mistake can be easily avoided if you have proper guidance from us. Sounds fair enough?

Why is it important?

However, you might also wonder. Why would accessories be necessary? Air heaters are not cheap purchases, why would you need any additional buying?

Well, the answer to these questions can be simple, or it can be very complicated. Much of it depends on your point of view. Nonetheless, air heaters are all about added comfort and boosting the well-being of travelers. Sometimes you could lack heating duct length, other times you could feel a lack of control with the base controllers while other instances could require additional purchases of mounting parts to optimize layout or position the heater.

Each and every single accessory can be put to good use and will significantly improve comfort of operating an air heater. If you own an RV or marine vehicle air heater, and have a specific need but don’t know what accessory or heater parts to get – never hesitate to ask us. Heatso will provide unbiased insights and share down-to-earth/comprehensible answers to even the most difficult questions or dilemmas. We will help you find just the right Espar / Eberspacher air heater parts for all sorts of vehicles, including RV’s, boats, trucks, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit vans and van conversions as well as thousands of others motor vehicles and even smaller living or working areas.

Please browse our online product catalog and list to find not only Eberspacher / Espar but also Webasto air and water heaters, heater accessories as well as other related goods. See the price and know the shipping cost of marine Espar / Eberspacher heater parts before buying! 

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