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Espar / Eberspacher High Altitude Kit 22.1000.33.2200 H-Kit / HAK

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The Espar High Altitude Kit (HAK)

Running a diesel or gasoline heater at over 2,200 meters / 7,500 feet can lead to choking. This is when the engine sooths up, with deposits of soot and debris building up inside the engine. This can lead to loss of performance or even cause your heater to malfunction.

For Espar heaters, the solution is simple - adding an Espar High Altitude Kit (HAK) to your airtronic or hydronic heater. The Espar HAK has an inbuilt air pressure sensor which can accurately measure altitude. As the altitude changes, the Espar HAK automatically adjusts the oxygen and fuel mixture that is sprayed into the combustion chamber. This ensures your heater does not soot up and maintains performance level. The Espar HAK is compatible with any Espar airtronic or hydronic heaters marked with a silver H-kit label (and can be installed to those without a H-kit label if the ECU is replaced), and is one of the few high altitude kits for vehicle heaters on the market.

Key features of the Espar High Altitude Kit (HAK)

  • The Espar HAK allows airtronic and hydronic heaters to operate in altitudes above 2,200 meters / 7,500 feet
  • Suitable for use with 12V and 24V heaters
  • Installation is easy, as the HAK sits between the heater and the control unit.
  • If you’re adding the HAK having already installed your heater, minimal rewiring is required.
  • Enjoy camping trips and journeys in higher altitudes without worrying that your heater will soot up
  • The HAK comes with screws, electrical plugs and connections, and harness supplied.

Who the Espar High Altitude Kit (HAK) is suitable for

This Espar High Altitude Kit can be used with any Eberspacher / Espar heater that has a silver H-Kit label. Please note with older type airtronic heaters without an H-Kit label, you will need to replace the old electronic control unit (ECU) in order to add a High Altitude Kit. Please contact us and we can give you more details on how to do this.

The Espar models that the HAK is best suited for are:

  • Airtronic D2; D4; D4S(Plus); D5
  • Hydronic D4S; D5S; B4D; B5S; D5WSC; D5WS; D4WSC; D4WS; D5SC

Heatso’s engineers are here to help

If you have any questions about purchasing your Espar High Altitude Kit, or would like to hear about other options, our customer service is onhand to help - feel free to contact us. And when you do find the ideal solution to meet your needs, our engineers are available to talk you through the whole installation process, step by step.

Technical specifications

Espar / Eberspacher Part Number:

22.1000.33.22.00 / 221000332200 / 22 1000 33 2200 / 22.1000.33.2200 /

This kit works in the same way as High Altitude Compensator 20 2900 70 00 07

Voltage: 12v or 24v

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  • 5

    Posted by Skivo on 8th Dec 2020

    Impressed how fast I got this in US. 3 days!!!
    Works with my Espar D2

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    Invitation to review

    Posted by Pat on 28th Jun 2018

    All cool. Arrived within 48 hours. Thanks for diagrams.

  • 5

    Posted by Dwight Customs on 7th Feb 2018

    Ordered mine on Tuesday EC, was delivered on Thursday morning. Amazed with delivery time.