RV and marine cooking/stove (14)

Cooking stoves and related equipment at a great price

If you enjoy cooking a nice meal on the go and while travelling, you have come to the right place! Heatso offers Webasto RV or marine cooking stove, fire blankets and other cooking appliances for recreational vehicles and boats, yachts, sailboats and other marine vehicles.

The cooking stove is essential for any RV camper kitchen or portable cooking ‘facility’. It does not matter how far you travel; delicious food is always a nice touch to a journey. If you can cook dishes that you and your companions enjoy, the journey gets that much better instantly. Improve your portable RV camper kitchen or the marine kitchenette by picking out an RV cooking stove today!

Heatso sells the Webasto diesel cooker and other cooking stoves with the installation kit to simplify the fitting process. The item also has numerous beneficial features that help it be easily maintained and cleaned, consume moderate amounts of fuel, work well in high altitudes as well as ensure safe cooking! This cooker is also ergonomic in size. Other cooking appliances will become handy in any small kitchen on the road.

For a reasonable price, you can also purchase a fire blanket. This is an essential product that ensures safety for you and those around. Any small kitchen in an RV or the boat could make use and benefit from a fire blanket. In case of any emergency, you have a sort of ‘Get out of jail free’ card that helps evade danger and suppress the hazard of fire.

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