Water Tanks / Calorifiers (23)



Why get a water tank / calorifier?

Water tanks and calorifiers are one of the most essential products, necessary for providing hot water on demand. A water tank accumulates or is filled with water. The water is heated by a heat-emitting element or other systems and then is distributed on-demand. A calorifier is an indirect-fired water heater.

These mostly electric devices are of great use when travelling and journeying. Inside your Recreational Vehicle, camper, caravan or boat, they serve as means to get hot water for a shower or to make a meal. In emergency vehicles or food trucks, they can serve as a source of hot water for problem-solving and or meal-making. 

Not only for lavish purposes, but also to satisfy the necessities of basic comforts when travelling, either a small portable or a large hot water calorifier/water heater is a worthwhile consideration that boosts the accommodation of all travelers.

Furthermore, SureCal water heaters and calorifiers are amazingly durable. They can withstand strenuous loads and serve for many years without breaking down or decreasing in efficiency. Proper maintenance, however, is a great bonus that additionally prolongs the service time of this device. 

Depending on your needs, the size or the capacity of the hot water tank/calorifier is probably the most important criteria which should be the primary means of orientation that eases decision making. Larger boats, campers, RV’s or larger food trucks could opt for the largest electric unit for sale while a smaller vehicle where only one or two people travel could make use of the small and even portable hot water calorifier.  

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Other relevant & important information

We can deliver your order to virtually any location in the world. This means that we can supply water tanks and calorifiers to clients in the UK, the EU, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Africa, Asia as well as Australia. Shipping duration vary and are dependent on your location. Most of the times, transit time is two to four business days. The order is most-likely to be shipped within 24 hours after the order is confirmed.

What is more – more expensive shipments like water tanks and calorifiers are posted via our partners FedEx and UPS. You can find shipping rates on the sub-page of the particular product or in the shopping cart before proceeding with the payment.

If our suggested options or selected postage methods are not convenient for you, please let us know. We can ship the order following a method which is more convenient for you. 

Still have questions? Something remains unclear about water tanks and calorifiers? Do not wait anymore and send us a message! Our team is going to be glad to help you out.