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SureCal 22 liter Horizontal Single Coil Calorifier

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SureCal 22 Liter horizontal calorifier for RV

Please note - the outer shell is very soft, therefore you might see minor cosmetic defects, but they have no impact to the performance of the calorifier.

SureCal calorifiers are manufactured from the best materials available, ensuring durability and reliability. This calorifier stores your hot water, and heats it up using drop coil technology as well as an immersion heater. With the finned surface heat exchanger used in the boiler, heat recovery is unmatched.

Clean water from your onboard water system is warmed up using heat from your engine’s cooling system. The RV water heater also features a standard thermostatic mixer valve, which increases hot water capacity by up to 25 percent.

Benefits of the 22 Liter SureCal:

  • The calorifier is made of 100% copper and insulated in a polyurethane jacket

  • Retains heat for up to 24 hours after the immersion coil has been switched off. 

  • Quick and easy to install, with complete instructions provided in the kit.

  • Immersion hot water heater, barbed engine coil connections, stainless steel fixing brackets and pressure release valve are included with the calorifier.

  • For safety reasons, a thermostatic mixer valve is fitted as standard, which increases the availability of hot water.

  • Water that is stored within the boiler reaches the same temperature as the immersion coil (generally 85°C / 185°F).

  • Each calorifier is individually bench tested ensuring quality and reliability.

Complete your domestic water circle

In order for your hot water system to function smoothly and securely, only a few essential parts are needed. A complete water circle consists of an expansion tank, an accumulator tank, a water pump, and a calorifier.

An expansion tank is used to protect closed water heating systems and domestic hot water systems from sudden pressure spikes. It can be fitted in any orientation, preferably as close to the calorifier as possible. A 2 liter or 5 liter expansion tank should be sufficient to meet most of your hot water needs in an RV, campervan, or mobile home.

 Calorifier Size

 Recommended Expansion Tank Size

 0-22 Liters

 2 Liters

 22-55 Liters

 5 Liters

The accumulator tank consists of a water chamber with an internal air bladder that is pre-pressurized. Water pressure 'spikes' are dampened by these devices on the pressured side of your water pump. Water accumulator tanks  conserve battery power, reduce pump cycling, and increase the durability of water pumps.

RVs require water pumps to provide running water, which is essential for living off-grid comfortably. With an onboard water pump, you can wash your hands, fill the sink, flush the toilet, and do many other tasks at home that you take for granted. Normally, a 30PSI water pump is sufficient to provide a comfortable stream of water for RV owners. 

SureCal is United Kingdom manufacturer for calorifiers (boilers/ water heaters) that are made out of the finest quality materials. Calorifiers are with BSP threads / connections.

Included in the kit:

  • Thermostatic mixer valve

  • 4 bar pressure release valve

  • Immersion heater (selected as an option) 

  • Non-return valve

  • 15mm barbed connections for coil, ready for 15mm push fit plastic plumbing

  • Stainless Steel saddles

Technical specifications:


5.8 gal (22 l)






21.65 x 13.39 x 13.78 in (550 x 340 x 350 mm)


22lbs (10 kg)