RV and marine accessories (25)

Heatso offers a broad range of accessories & equipment for RV’s and Marine vehicles

RV or a recreational vehicle is a highly-complex engineering structure that combines the mobility of a vehicle and the comforts of a home. The end result is a ‘Home on wheels’ which allows travelers regardless of age and any other traits, to feel comfortable while being on the road.

Marine vehicles are boats, yachts, sailboats, etc. Owner of one knows all about comfort, luxury and lavishness that is travelling at sea.

Heatso offers a broad range of RV & Marine vehicle accessories and supplies for sale online. Our shop is loaded with parts for your auxiliary/supplementary air heaters as well as standalone components like Cassette toilets for recreational vehicles or LTE routers for both boats and RV’s.

The end result of this broad coverage is an abundance of high-quality goods online, available for purchase to clients from all over the world. Whether you need that connection to the internet when far away at sea or camping by the mountains, seek more control with regards to the auxiliary heating system or even crave the additional comforts of basic hygiene – we have just the right products for sale in our shop! 

Buy online - save cash & other goodies

By purchasing these goods online, you not only get the highest quality products from the world’s most renowned manufacturers, but you also get much better prices. We monitor our competition uninterruptedly and thus are able to provide reasonable rates as well as give great discounts.

In general, online stores are more prepared for rapid sales or changes in market tendencies, and Heatso is too. 

We also run a blog, where we upload interesting, and only relevant information about our products and the news from manufacturers that we represent. It is worth a read, so go check it out, if you are thinking about installing an air heater in your RV or marine vehicle and supplementing it with accessories or straight up buying different goods.

Heatso is a responsible retailer/wholesaler who wants to bring more convenience into your shopping experience. Since we sell machinery and devices which sometimes can seem complicated, we invest a lot of time and resources into helping you utilize and install the products and their accessories with minimal knowledge or outside help. By providing detailed installation manuals, we can ensure that every buyer does not meet a dead end.

Furthermore, if you are interested in buying a particular product from our online catalog, quick view it or open the dedicated sub-page to find detailed technical information and/or other quirks and features that are worth knowing about.

Some accessories are oriented towards auxiliary air heating systems; others are aimed at other travel-associated comforts. Chances are, you will find what you need here!

Shipping terms & conditions

Regardless of the RV & Marine accessories, and supplies you choose to purchase, the same shipping terms & conditions do apply. First of all – items and orders that amount to less than 100USD in total are usually sent via Tracked Mail Service. This takes slightly longer when compared against our usual courier service of FedEx or UPS. The services of the latter two companies are used when the total sum of the order exceeds the previously mentioned amount.

However, we can arrange a different shipping option per your request. If you find a certain way to deliver supplier, more convenient than what we offer, please – let us know by sending a message!

We ship globally. We can deliver to you regardless of whether you are based in the UK or Europe, USA, Canada or the rest of the American continents and even far-away lands of Australia and Asia.

Still have questions? Please let us know. We want to help you find the best RV & Marine vehicle accessories without any biased obstacles.