RV and marine safety and security systems (20)

Efficient and Reliable RV & Marine Safety and Security Systems

Keeping your family and yourself safe and secure is of utmost importance. Similarly, you do not want to lose or damage your vehicle.
In such a case, Heatso would like to offer RV security systems and the devices which could be used for a marine security system as well.

Discover Our Marine and RV Security Systems

Explore alarms, cameras, fire hazard prevention tools, and monitoring systems designed specifically for RVs.
Find the products you need to keep your RV or marine vehicle safe and secure. What is even better, each of these items are easy to install.

Alarms and Cameras: Stay Alert and Secure

Alarms will help notice intruders or wrongdoers and prevent them from stealing or damaging your property as well as helping you and your vehicle stay safe from contaminants in the air.
Reverse cameras or a camera, in general, is a great safety measure for both RVs and different types of vehicles. Using them makes maneuvering easier and keeping your property and those around you safer.

Wireless Devices: Convenience and Safety Combined

Wireless devices are especially great because they remove the regular necessity of wire installation.
A portable security and safety system will also be a great solution for any trailer or yacht, boat, etc.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about the service, maintenance, or any other aspects of RV and marine safety and security systems, please do not hesitate to contact us!


  1. How do I install a security system for RV or boat?
    All our systems come with easy-to-follow installation guides for DIY installation.

  2. Are these security systems compatible with all RV and marine models?
    Yes, our systems are designed to be compatible with most models.

  3. Can I monitor my RV or boat remotely with these systems?
    Yes, many of our systems offer remote monitoring capabilities for added convenience and security.

  4. Do the alarms detect both smoke and carbon monoxide?
    Yes, our alarms are equipped to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide for comprehensive safety coverage.