RV and marine safety and security systems (13)

Nothing more important than staying safe – RV & Marine safety and security systems

What can be more important than the safety and security of your family and yourself? You cannot put a price on a good nights’ sleep and the comfort of those you genuinely care about. The same applies to your property, and even though you can name its costs, losing it or getting damage is something that would preferably be avoided. In such a case, Heatso would like to offer RV safety systems and the devices which could be used for a marine security system as well.

The online product catalog consists of various alarms, cameras, fire hazard prevention, monitoring systems and other goods. What is great about all of these items is that all of them can be easily installed by DIY means. 

Alarms will help notice intruders or wrongdoers and prevent them from stealing or damaging your property as well as helping you and your trailer stay safe from air poisoning. Reverse cameras or a camera, in general, is a great safety measure for both RV’s and different types of vehicles that aids in maneuvering and keeping your property and those around you safer. Wireless devices are especially great because they remove the regular necessity of spending grueling hours for wiring. A portable security and safety system will also be a great solution for any trailer or yacht, boat, etc.

Why is it important?

Hazards and dangers are much more common during travelling than you might think. Most of the RV’s and boats have minimal and standard safety solutions that only meet minimum safety requirements. For serious marine security systems and RV safety systems alike, you definitely need additional support.

Thanks to carbon monoxide, smoke or related alarms, you will be alerted when danger arises. Of course, it would best if the alarm would not ring at all, but the reality of the matter is that you must keep safe and avoiding or overlooking it could have dire consequences.

With regards to such items like fire blankets, they are a necessity with all cooking and heating appliances. In case of an emergency, a fire blanket is almost a ‘Get out of jail free’ card which negates the threat instantaneously. This is a solid addition for any security system for RV.

Finally, when we talk about video cameras, they are common throughout the RV world. Portable wireless video camera or fixed reverse cameras for an RV are a great aid in finding parking spaces and maneuvering in tight areas. 

Shipping terms & conditions

We ship globally. For a listed shipping rate (if it is not included in the price), we can send the goods to virtually any location in the world. Your order is usually packed and sent out within 24 hours after completing the purchase. Standard delivery duration for security system for RV and marine vehicle goods are 2 to 4 business days but can vary slightly, according to your location and the size of the order.

Pricier products like the best heaters and high-end cameras will be sent through our trusted postage/courier partners UPS or FedEx while orders that do not exceed 100USD in total will likely be shipped via Tracked Mail Service. Heatso can arrange a shipping method which you find more convenient per request.

If you happen to have any questions about the security systems for RV and marine vehicles or wish to receive unbiased guidance – drop us a line!