Espar Airtronic D4 Air Heaters (21)



Espar Airtronic D4 – capable, affordable and innovative air heating solution

Eberspacher / Espar Airtronic D4 air heaters for sale are supplementary diesel-powered air heating systems for land and marine vehicles as well as living or being environments. It is a capable bunk heater which gives out a max heat output of 13650 BTU or 4kW. This is an amount, which will be sufficient for all vans, van conversions, RV’s, semi-trucks and also yachts, narrowboats and/or sailboats. There are also more modest models available (with less power) for more ergonomic needs.

It is also, in comparison, an inexpensive air heating solution, which offers great price: performance ratio. At a decent cost, this model of diesel Espar air heaters for sale can be considered to be the most affordable, high-power air heater for vehicles. If your climate control system is equipped with this diesel-powered Eberspacher / Espar bunk heater, the comforts of everyday travels or occasional journeys improve tremendously.

In all fairness, you do need to purchase the heater with the marine kit, in order to make it work with boats. The kit is affordable in price and a guarantor of proper and efficient working capacity. There is also the high-altitude kit for those who wish to travel and visit environments high above the ground. This solution allows the system to fully function higher than 3 kilometres (or 10 thousand feet) above sea level. The Eberspacher / Espar HAK kit for diesel units has capabilities to further expand the application capabilities. Installation is straightforward thanks to a comprehensive manual.

The product is known for its simple maintenance because the D4 diesel air heater is straightforward in construction, has no unnecessary or ‘just for show’ parts and makes use of confined spaces in full. ‘Confined’ is the description for the area that the fitting takes place in. The build quality is exquisite, and the raw materials are premium, accounting for tremendous longevity.

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