Cooling Systems

We also offer COOLTRONIC - electrically operated air conditioning systems or so called Parking coolers.

Hot truck cabin is a thing of a past already. COOLTRONIC is an air conditioning systems that works with 24V supply with the engine off and completely independently of the engine. This is an environmental friendly way to keep the pleasent temperature levels in the cabin since the system only uses a little energy and protects the battery from complete discharge as the integrated under-voltage protection system ensures that there is always enough power to star the engine.

COOLTRONIC coolers are very efficient and can reduce the cabin temperature within a short period of time. As an example, it takes approximately an hour to reduce the cabin air temperature of 32°C (90 F) with 70% humidity to pleasant 22°C (77 F) with 45% humidity.

COOLTRONIC coolers do not require any expensive maintenance, no water refilling is required. 

Three different COOLTRONIC models can be offered - Hatch, Top and Back. Universal or vehicle-specific installation kits available. COOLTRONIC is designed for quick and simple installation.

We recommend the second generatio Hatch COOLTRONIC coolers. The most popular models are:

  • COOLTRONIC 1000 G2 Hatch - For all cabins with moderate climate conditions
  • COOLTRONIC 1400 G2 Hatch - For larger cabins and for warm climate conditions
  • COOLTRONIC 1000 G2 Slim Hatch - Lowest compact parking cooler in the market that fits vehicles with high cabins. Ideal for vehicles with Euro 6




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