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Espar / Eberspacher D4 Marine Kit 24V

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Espar / Eberspacher Airtronic D4 24v Air Heater Marine Kit (Includes  Timer)

This Eberspacher D4 Marine kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation on your boat or yacht and a timer for full convenient control. The Airtronic D4 is a more powerful version of the Airtronic D2 for larger scale heating environments, whilst only being slightly larger. It offers optimized fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and was designed with safety in mind.

Technical Specifications:

Fuel type: Diesel

Voltage: 24 Volts

Max Power: 13,650 BTU (4kW)

Number of Outlets: 3



  • Eberspacher Airtronic D4 24v Heater
  • Marine Installation kit with 2 outlets
  • Digital 7 Day Timer 
  • 6m of ducting (90mm diameter)
  • 2m of ducting (75mm diameter)
  • 2m of ducting (50mm diameter)
  • Y-branch (90mm)
  • Fuel Metering Pump
  • Wiring harness
  • Digital 7 Day Timer
  • External Temperature sensor
  • Exhaust hose with silencer / muffler and marine grade insulation + hard cover on top (Length - 2m, dia. - 30mm)
  • Stainless steel hull skin fitting (30mm)
  • Exhaust adapter (24-30mm) with water drain connection
  • Marine fuel line
  • Water drain
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Combustion air silencer / muffler
  • Fuel Standpipe
  • Screws, clips, clamps and other fixings required for installation

If you want to get the Installation Instructions for the Marine Kit before ordering this heater - please contact us usng the Contact Us button.