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Eberspacher / Espar Hydronic S3 D5L 24v Heater with Install Kit

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Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic III HS3 D5L Commercial 24 Water / Coolant Heater with installation kit

This heater has advantage of pre-heating the engine as well as the passenger compartment. It uses the car's own water system with heat exchanger and fan. 

This is the third generation Hydronic heater (latest model introduced in 2019). The heater has been improved and the main differences from the older Hydronic versions:

  • Improved fuel efficiency,
  • Works faster and it is more reliable than its predecessors.
  • Brushless fan and Step-less system (Increased Service time to 5000 hours)
  • Controlled via EasyStart Pro, which allows Residual Heat use - Uses engine heat to heat interior when the heater and engine is off. 
  • Altitude operation - With EasyStart Pro D5L is suitable to operate up to 3000 meters in altitudes

Hydronic Water Heaters

  • Double benefits: warming up the passenger compartment and engine and therefore making starting easy, protecting the engine, saving fuel and helping the environment.
  • Comfortable warm air distribution using the vehicles own air vents.
  • Installation in the engine compartment possible in almost any vehicle
  • Pre-cooling possible in summer.
  • Can also be used for central heating in boats (requires special marine installation kit)
  • Installation kit comes with everything you need for universal installation (water pump included in the kit)


Espar / Eberspacher Hydronic III D5L 24V

Voltage: 24 Volts

Technical Data:

Heat flow range(watt): 1300-5000

Fuel Consumption: 0.15 - 0.59 liters per hour

Pressure: Up to 2.5 Bar

Minimum Water flow rate: 300 liters per hour

Delivery rate: 1400 liters per hour



Eberspacher / Espar D5L Part Numbers:

 25.2696.05.0000 / 25.2696.05.00.00 / 252696050000 

25 2696 05 0000 / 25 2696 05 00 00

Installation kit:

25.2696.80.0000 / 25.2696.80.00.00 / 25 2696 80 0000

25 2696 80 00 00 / 252696800000


Ideal for:
  • Preheating vehicles, trucks, semi-trucks, vans, cranes, construction machinery, ambulance, etc
  • Central heating for boats (can also be used to provide hot water through an indirect tank)

Shipping Times:

  • United States - 1 Working Day
  • United Kingdom - 1 Working Day
  • Western Europe - 2-3 Working Days
  • Eastern Europe - 3-5 Working Days
  • Scandinavian Countries - 2-3 Working Days
  • Australia / New Zealand - 2-3 Working Days
  • Rest of World - 2-4 Working Days


Warranty Included