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12 Volt Rooftop Air Conditioner For Van - 4000 BTU of Cooling

12 Volt Rooftop Air Conditioner For Van - 4100 BTU of Cooling

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2 Year Warranty Included

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Limited edition Vanlifers 12V Rooftop AC

  • No need for 110V mains, works directly from your 12V DC battery anywhere you go.
  • First 12V air conditioner for motorhomes, doesn’t require an inverter or generator.
  • Silent and reliable single Samsung direct-current compressor.
  • Intuitive and easy installation: no need for special skills, includes wiring and connectors.
  • Powerful yet efficient cooling, provides hours of fresh air and relaxation.
  • Compact and light leaving plenty of surface area for other devices.
  • Modern Italian design, simple and stylish fits well on any van or RV.

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Who can benefit most from the 12 volt RV roof air conditioner?

This AC is perfect for cooling and dehumidifying camper vans that are up to 6 meters long. The kit includes everything you need for an easy installation, which makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts and van conversions.

It’s compact dimensions and power efficiency make this 12V DC-powered air conditioner ideal for medium sized vehicles that don’t have inverters or back-up generators:

  • 144” and 170” wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter vans
  • RAM Promaster vans
  • GMC Explorer vans
  • Mercedes Vario vans
  • VW Crafter vans
  • Opel Movano vans
  • VW Caravelle vans
  • Medium-sized RVs
  • Caravans
  • Express Delivery vans

Customer reviews

Sleep in quiet comfort

This 12 Volt rooftop air conditioner for vans can be installed above the sleeping area for improved comfort at night. The low profile RV roof air conditioner can maintain ideal cabin temperature while driving, or when parked. Since this AC runs on 12V DC power, there is no need for inverters or backup generators, so it is significantly more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Cools and dehumidifies even in hot summers

Inside the 12 Volt RV roof air conditioner is a cutting-edge Samsung compressor. Silent and energy-efficient, it can reliably cool up to 6 meters of cabin space. Thanks to its low power consumption of only 16 Ah (Amp/hour), this roof mount RV air conditioner lasts significantly longer from a single back-up battery than any of its competitors. Enjoy a cool breeze during hot summer days without the hassle of installing an inverter or carrying around a back-up generator.

Technical Specifications

  • Compressor: Single direct-current compressor
  • Input voltage: 12V DC (110V-230V optional smart power supply)
  • Refrigerant gas: R134A
  • Cooling capacity: 1200 Watts (4,092 BTU)
  • 12v power consumption: 16 amp/h (auto) - 42 amp/h (max)
  • Number of air intakes: 2 (front/rear)
  • Number of fan speeds: 3 + auto
  • Airflow: 350m3/h
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Battery protection: Yes
  • Starting current: Very low starting current
  • Soft Start function: Yes
  • Best for vehicle length: up to 6m vehicles
  • Interior interchangeable filters: Yes
  • Test marks: E-mark / EMC
  • Eco-sustainable system: No generator needed
  • Outdoor unit dimensions (HxWxD): 9.7 x 26.4 x 31.5 inches (246x720x800 mm)
  • Evaporator unit dimensions (HxWxD): 2 x 21 x 23.6 inches (50x533x600 mm)
  • Roof cut-out dimensions (WxWxD): 15.8 x 15.8 inches (400x400 mm)
  • Roof thickness: min 1.2 inches, max 2.75 inches (30-70 mm)
  • Weight: 55.77 lb (25.3 kg)