4 kW Air Heaters (30)



Highly capable and ergonomic air heating solutions

For owners of vans, trucks or even boats, there is an affordable solution that helps improve travel comfort tremendously. It is the 4kW air heater. Capable of heating the interior of a vehicle or even a small, moderately insulated living or working area, the Webasto or Espar / Eberspacher 12V, 24V 4kW heater is a cost-efficient air heating system.

The air heater kit can function and start-up even if it is freezing cold outdoors. It is unfazed by low temperatures outside, high altitudes or other environmental factors. By utilizing the high-altitude kit (HAK) for the Espar / Eberspacher units or adjusting the rheostat for Webasto products, you can increase the maximum operational altitude of the air heater.

In general, these devices are used for van, truck, semi-truck, food van as well as RV and even boat auxiliary heating. With regards to boats, however, you can only equip a diesel-powered unit to them, gasoline 4kW air heaters are not compatible.

These devices are not overly complicated. Quite the contrary - fitting and installation is simple. Thanks to adjustable layouts and different ducting options, you can position the heater anywhere you decide, and the installation is actually DIY. No specific skill or training is required. At a reasonable price and with a straightforward manual, the 4kW heater is going to be more than enough to heat the inside of your vehicle. This effect will drastically boost travel comforts.

Delivery times, shipping terms and other info

Heatso ships globally. From New Zealand to United States and from the UK to Japan, you can order and receive the product regardless of your location. However, delivery times vary slightly, depending on where the shipment is headed. 

Our units come with a warranty so that all customers can expect trouble-free heating and simple if any maintenance. The standard shipping time is 2 to 4 business days, and your package is shipped within 24 hours after the order is complete. Heatso collaborates with FedEx and UPS for 4kW heater delivery. If you wish to arrange a more convenient shipping method or want to select a faster option – let us know by sending a message!

If any questions about the 4kW heaters, their maintenance and service, shipping or accessories – remain, please do not hesitate and drop a line!