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Cooltronic 1400 G2 Hatch

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Cooltronic 1400 G2 Hatch

The Cooltronic 1400 G2 Hatch is a standalone air conditioning unit, with the electrical compressor in a closed circuit. Cooling power is regulated automatically, works independably from engine with minimum consumption of energy. Cooltronic parking conditioning reduces fuel and engine maintanence costs.

Cooltronic helps with drivers sleep and rest, therefore it contributes to drivers saftey and performance on road.


Cooltronic Features:

  • Specific installation kits for different truck manufacturers available
  • Pre-charged system with R134A refrigerant (environmentally friendly)
  • No drilling. Mounting in hatch space.
  • Double battery protection
  • Manual and automatic functions
  • Digital thermometer
  • Remote control 
  • Working with engine switched ON or OFF
  • Electrical AC unit with 5 fan speeds



  • Cooling performance (W/btu) - 1000   /   4777
  • Coolant  - R134A (CFC FREE)
  • Voltage (DC) - 24
  • Fan Stages - 5 speeds
  • Blower air flow max. (m3/h) - 870
  • Electrical consumption/h at 26.5 V  (A/h)  - 10(min) - 18(max)
  • Unit air flow at Speed 5 (m3/h) - 235
  • Baterry Protection - Stadard double protection
2 Year Warranty