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Eberspacher / Espar Compact Diesel Air Heater – Compact 4000 12V

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Espar / Eberspacher Polarn Compact 4000 Portable Air Heater - 2021 Model

The Espar / Eberspacher Polarn 4000 compact diesel air heater is a high-quality compact heating system powered by diesel fuel and designed for easy transportation. It provides good heating performance quickly, efficiently, and without complex setup.  Simply connect the heater to 12V battery, add diesel and turn the heater on. 

Quick Facts

  • Fuel type: Diesel

  • Power: 4 kW

  • Voltage: 12 V

  • Fuel consumption: 0.11-0.51 l/h

  • Weight: ~11 kg

Use Cases

The Espar / Eberspacher Polarn 4000 portable heater is the ideal solution for:

  • Heating temporary houses / shelters / tents / greenhouses / horseboxes / temporary workshops and similar.

  • Military / army use to heat machinery and people.

  • Emergency situations / rescue operations.

  • Providing temporary heating in building sites.

  • Other applications that require a temporary heat source.

What’s Included

The Polarn assembly comprises an Airtronic D4L / D4R air heater mounted inside a GRP box with a carry handle. Inside the box there is a fuel tank with an external filler. On the outside of the box is a socket to receive the 12 volt loom plug and a rheostat switch to operate the heater. Flexible ducting is included in the kit.

You will also receive:

  • All necessary screws, gaskets and fuses.

  • Outlet grill.

  • Exhaust tube. 

  • Intake hose.

  • Battery and EU plug.

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