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Eberspacher / Espar Cooltronic TOP

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Eberspacher / Espar  Cooltronic TOP

The Cooltronic TOP is an air conditioning unit, that works independently from the engine, therefore it reduces fuel and engine maintanence costs.

Cooltronic helps with drivers sleep and rest, therefore it contributes to drivers saftey and performance on road.

Cooltornic TOP consists of a condensing unit and evaporator unit. Condensing unit is mounted on the rear inner wall of the cabin and the external unit is attached at the rear wall of rook. Cooltronic TOP is pecially recommended for commercial vehicles with fixed cargo compartments.

Top cooling  version allows best cooling results of the rear are of the cabin. Flexible cooling hose lenght (3m max.) Hose can be insterted without drilling holes in certain cases(pre-equipped trucks).


  • Cooling performance (W/btu) - 950 / 3250 (max.) 650 / 2240 (min.)
  • Coolant  - R134A (CFC FREE)
  • Voltage (DC) - 24
  • Fan Stages - 6 speeds
  • Blower air flow max. (m3/h) - 450
  • Electrical consumption/h at 26.5 V  (A/h)  - 7.5(min) - 14.5(max)
  • Baterry Protection - Stadard 
2 Year Warranty