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Espar / Eberpsacher ThermoLine For Diesel Fuel Preheating

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Eberspacher ThermoLine

At low temperatures, diesel fuel emits paraffin crystals suspended in the liquid.
As the concentration increases, the fuel filter can become clogged and the engine can even come to a standstill (diesel accumulation).
Contradictory additives for diesel are expensive, often not sufficient, partly polluting and dangerous. One thing, however, is quite clear: paraffin crystals, once formed, can only be removed by heat.
The solution is ThermoLine, a diesel fuel pre-heating system, which is installed in the fuel line to melt the paraffin crystals before reaching the primary filter

  • Fuel flow rate: 70 to 120 l/h 
  • Voltage: 24v/300W
  • Prevents diesel waxing.
  • Saves on fuel additives.
  • Reduces fuel costs

Eberspacher Part Number:

  • 292150000006 
  • 29.2150.00.0006 / 29.2150.00.00.06 
  • 29 2150 00 0006 / 29 2150 00 00 06