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Espar / Eberspacher Marine Installation Kit for Airtronic D5

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Marine installation upgrade kit 

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This kit can be used if you have a heater with universal installation kit and want to install it in marine environment.

The kit is suitable for Espar Airtronic D5 heaters or any other 30mm exhaust systems, 

Items included:

Premium Marine Exhaust Hose (Length = 2m, Diameter = 30cm) with 1m silencer integrated inside (covered with higher grade insulation + cover on top). This is one of the most silent marine exhausts on the market.          marine-exhaust-.jpg

  • Marine Exhaust Clamp
  • 24mm to 30mm 90Deg Exhaust Adapter 
  • Water Drain
  • 30mm hull fitting
  • Marine ISO7840 fuel line
  • 60 cm Fuel Standpipe
  • Stainless Steel Mount Bracket (L shape)