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Go Power! 55 Watt solar panel kit - GP-FLEX-55E

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GP-FLEX-55E - Fine-tune your solar system to perfection

This 55 Watt solar panel expansion kit is a flexible and versatile solar power solution for your RV, boat, or campervan. The GP-FLEX-55E expansion allows you to conveniently increase the power output of your already existing system in small increments.

Main benefits of the GP-FLEX-55E expansion kit

  • Thanks to the marine-grade materials and the impermeable lamination, the GP-FLEX-55E is completely weather-resistant.

  • The 55 Watt expansion is designed to easily increase the solar power output of your pre-existing solar system.

  • Installation is straightforward. Without custom mounting or bulky frames, the solar panel lies flush with your rooftop, improving aerodynamics and aesthetics.

  • Unlike rigid solar panels, the GP-FLEX-55E bends up to 30 degrees, allowing for more versatile installation options.

  • 5-year solar module power output warranty.

GP-FLEX-55E - the building block of your solar system

Using the GP-FLEX-55E, you can fine-tune your solar system to perfection. Lightweight, and measuring less than 3mm thick, the solar panel kit offers amazing installation versatility. At the same time, the incredibly efficient monocrystalline cells generate more power per square foot than any other flexible solar panels on the market. 

The 55 Watt 12 Volt flexible panel is also very durable. Thanks to the high-grade materials and waterproof coating, the panel can bend up to 30 degrees and still provide outstanding power output. 

User benefits of the GP-FLEX-55E

The GP-FLEX-55E expansion kit is all about scalability. The 55W solar panel is engineered to perfection. Despite its lightweight and slim design, the solar cells offer highly efficient power output per square foot.

Unlike glass solar panels, or other rigid types of panels, the GP-FLEX-55E is designed to be easy to install. Having the ability to mount the flexible solar panel with adhesive means that you can avoid unnecessary drill holes in your rooftop. Various vehicles can benefit from and fully utilize the power output of a flexible solar panel: campers, RVs, vans, boats.

The entire 55W 12V solar panel is coated in a waterproof lamination. This makes the monocrystalline solar panel fully weather-resistant and perfect for marine applications. Once the panels are mounted, the MC4 connectors provide an easy way to connect or disconnect your additional solar panels, for maintenance or troubleshooting.

The 55 Watt expansion kit pairs perfectly with the 100 Watt flexible solar kit, which includes a 10A charge controller. That controller can manage up to 180 Watts of solar power, so with the expansion kit, you would get the most bang for your buck without having to buy a new charge controller.

Installation versatility of the flexible solar panel

The flexible 55 Watt solar panel kit supports adhesive or screw-mounting options, which eliminates the need for bulky frames. This way, mounting the solar panel is easier and more streamlined. Also, it guarantees that your solar panel will lie flat on your RV or boat, silently and efficiently generating energy for your motorhome.

GP-FLEX-55E is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing solar power system. The thin, slim, strip-like design of the panel means that you can mount it even in the tightest places, where other solar panels don’t fit. This allows you to maximize the surface area of your motorhome that generates clean solar energy.

Key features of the 55W flexible expansion kit

  • Includes a lightweight, flexible 55 watt Solar Flex module.

  • The MC4 branch connectors allow you to conveniently increase the power output of your solar array with finer precision.

  • The solar panel can be affixed by adhesive or screws, and grommets are provided for easier mounting.

  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells offer fast and effective battery charging.

What’s Included

  • 55 Watts / 3.04 Amps solar charging kit

  • MC4 branch connectors and cable

Technical Specifications

Cell Type


Rated Power (Pm)

55 W

Maximum Power (Vmp)


Maximum Power Current (Imp)


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short Circuit Current (Isc)


Maximum System Voltage



1.6 lbs (0.72 kg)


42.1 x 11.3 x 0.1 in (1070 x 286 x 3 mm)


5 years power output