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Go Power! Digital Solar Controller 30Amp

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Go Power! GP-PWM-30 Amp controller

A vital component to your solar system! This controller maintains the life of your battery, as it prevents overcharging! Once your battery is at 100 percent, the controller prevents overcharging by limiting solar power flow. 

Main Features of GP - PWM - 30 Controller modulation (PWM) technology

  • Four stage charging system with optional equalize setting (Protect your battery bank);
  • LCD digital display. Displays solar array charge current, system battery voltage and battery capacity;
  • Built-in USB charge port
  • Connects up to 500 watts total
  • Charges 1 or 2 battery banks
  • Remote on/off control of Go Power! inverters (not all range of inverters supported)
  • 5 year warranty

Go Power! Maximum Power Boost Technology

GP! 30 Amp Digital Solar Controller features Maximum Power Boost Technology™ (MPBT). This allows you to override the normal charging algorithm of the solar controller to 'boost' the solar charge, which is ideal at the end of the daylight to ensure batteries are topped up for the evening. Performance of the solar controller will not be affected if MPBT function is not utilized.