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Go Power! Solar Extreme 570W Solar System

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Untie yourself from the grid with Solar Extreme

The powerful Solar Extreme complete solar energy system from Go Power! provides clean, renewable power and gives you full independence from the grid.

Main benefits of the Solar Extreme complete solar system

  • Includes three Overlander solar panels - the largest and most popular 190 Watt 12V panels from GoPower!

  • The 3000 watt pure sine inverter charger allows you to simultaneously charge your batteries and run AC devices directly from the solar panels.

  • The solar power system will produce enough energy to power 3000 watts of electronics at a time.

  • Includes all mounting hardware and instructions for a straightforward installation.

  • All three panels are fully covered by the 25-year limited power output warranty.

  • 3 year warranty on the Inverter Charger 3000.

Key features of the all-inclusive Solar Extreme complete solar solution

Solar Extreme is the largest complete solar energy system from Go Power. Featuring three 190 watt Overlander solar panels for a total of 570W, and a 3-in-1 3000W pure sine wave inverter charger. This system can easily produce enough power to run up to 3000 watts of appliances. 

The cutting-edge inverter has a built-in smart battery charger and transfer switch. This solar package provides you charging flexibility between the sun and shore power. This saves space and simplifies installation by reducing the number of devices and cables to install.

Unlimited potential of the Go Power! Solar Extreme

The Solar Extreme kit from Go Power! provides clean, renewable power and unties you from the grid. This off-grid RV solar system includes everything you need to charge your RV batteries with sunlight. Once your batteries are charged, the inverter charger allows you to use that power for the AC-powered devices and appliances in your RV, like your microwave, coffee pot, fridge, and laptop.

The three solar panels generate a combined 570 watts of 12 volt DC power that passes through a solar charge controller into your RV batteries. Once the batteries are charged, the 3000-watt inverter uses the batteries to provide AC power to your RV. If you’re not sure whether such a powerful inverter charger will suit your needs, this in-depth inverter guide for beginners will provide all the information you need when choosing an inverter charger.

The IC3000, a breakthrough 3-in-1 product from Go Power!

The GP-IC3000-12 also has a built-in transfer switch that lets you automatically switch from inverter to shore power when it is accessible. At 50 Amps per leg, the integrated dual leg transfer switch allows you to fully utilize shore power. When connected to a 240 volt 100 Amp shore power service, the transfer switch passes through up to 12,000 watts to charge your battery and power your appliances.

Additionally, the inverter includes a smart converter charger which provides the ability to connect power to your 12 volt batteries using a 120 volt shore connection. The built-in 125A battery charger can also channel power from the solar kit. With good exposure to the sun, you can top up your battery bank at a rate of 27 Amps per hour.

Key features of the Go Power! Solar Extreme

  • The Go Power Solar Extreme charging system includes three 190-watt solar panels, made of marine-grade, impact-resistant materials.

  • 3000W charger inverter can charge your battery from the solar panel kits or from shore power.

  • The charger inverter can also be used to directly power your AC appliances from power generated by the solar panels.

  • Mounting kits for the solar panels and the inverter are included in the complete system.

  • The bluetooth enabled solar controller connects all three solar panels for easy management.

What’s Included

  • 190-watt solar battery charging kit + 2 x 190-watt expansion kits (OVERLANDER + 2x OVERLANDER-E)

  • 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller (GP-PWM-30-UL)*

  • 3000-watt industrial pure sine wave inverter charger for AC power (GP-IC3000-12)

  • IC Series Inverter Charger Remote and 50' of cable (GP-ICR-50)

  • DC inverter install kit (GP-DC-KIT5)

  • 1 x 25' of MC4 output cable (#10) red & 1 x 25’ of MC4 output cable (#10) black  and all mounting hardware (1 x GP-MH-4-KB)

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel

Cell Type


Rated Power (Pm)

190 W

Maximum Power (Vmp)


Maximum Power Current (Imp)


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short Circuit Current (Isc)


Maximum System Voltage



26.4 lbs (12 kg)


59.1 x 26.3 x 1.58 in / 1500 x 668 x 40 mm


Frame type / material

25 year

Clear anodized aluminum frame

Inverter Charger

Output Power


Surge Power (100 milliseconds)


Transfer Switch 


Battery Charger

2x 50A (240VAC split-phase) 


13.7” x 12.6” x 8.07” (14.9” with terminals) 


51.9 lbs (23.5 kg)

25 year linear power output warranty*