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Go Power! Solar Flex 100

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The Go Power! Solar Flex™ panel is virtually unbreakable!  Solar panel is aerodynamic and very durable! Ideal solar battery charger for RVs, boats, van conversions, vans, truck, trailers or campers.  This solar panel can be attached to almost any surface out there!  High-efficiency Monocrystalline cells produce more solar powee than any other flexible panel on the market. Go Power! Solar Flex - Made In USA.


PLEASE NOTE! Solar panels and solar controllers can work with any 12 volt battery bank so can be used anywhere you are using a 12 volt battery.

An impervious, lamination coats the entire Solar Flex™ solar panel module, allowing it to contour and flex against any surfaces ! This eliminates any needs of customs mounts. The solar panel can be attached to the surface by adhesive or screws. Grommets are provided with the solar kit to ease your installation.

Extremely thin and lightweight module can also be even sewn into durable fabric, making this a truly versatile solar module out there in the market.

Key benefits:

  • No bulky mounts ( Can curve up to 30 degrees)

  • Can be attached with adhesive or screws

  • Durable surface

  • Measures less than 1/8” (3 mm) thick

  • Is ideal for lightweight RVs (modules are 82% lighter)

  • Can be built in to complete solar panel system (Expansion kit)


Solar cell type Monocrystalline
Output power 100 W
Rated current 5.62 A
Open-circuit voltage 20.8 V
Connectivity MC4 connectors (branch plug/socket included in expansion kits)
Frame None, includes grommets for screw installation
Material Laminated TPT backsheet

44.6 x 21.4 x 0.1 in

Dimensions 1134 x 544 x 3 mm
Weight 2.9 lb / 1.35 kg
Warranty 5 years solar output (module) / 5 years (controller)


5 year linear power output warranty*