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Heatso Climate Control Kit 12V

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Webasto and Indel B RV Essentials Kit

When it comes to living in an RV or van, one thing is for certain – you need to have full control over the climate in your cabin. This means having proper ventilation and air conditioning, as well as reliable air and water heating. This water heater and air conditioner combination includes everything you need for comfortable motorhome living all year round. Included in the kit are the popular Webasto Dual Top ST 6 and the ground-breaking 12V Indel B OFF Plein-Aircon air conditioning unit.

This RV essentials kit was made with comfort in mind. Both the Webasto Dual Top and the Indel B 12 Volt air conditioner have incredibly low fuel and power consumption. They both work nearly silently and take up minimal space inside the cabin. With installation kits included for all components, this plug-and-play RV climate control kit is ideal for any vanlifer and RV enthusiast. 

Webasto Dual Top ST 6

The Webasto Dual Top ST 6 is a powerful and reliable combined air and water heater. It features a stainless steel 2.6-gallon water boiler and has a massive 20,500 BTU (6 KW) output for air heating. Running on diesel, this heater has the added benefit of being more compact than its propane counterpart and using the same fuel as your van or RV. 

Designed to be on the exterior of the vehicle, this Webasto Dual Top doesn’t take up any space in your cabin, leaving more room for a comfortable living experience. Nearly silent, fuel-efficient, and operational at altitudes up to 7200 feet, this diesel air and water heater is an absolute necessity in any RV, van, or caravan.

Indel B OFF Plein-Aircon 12V

The Plein-Aircon is an innovative rooftop mounted air conditioning system for RVs and vans. The Indel B 12 Volt air conditioner features ground-breaking technology, that makes this unit convenient, efficient, powerful, and reliable.

With a built-in power supply, you can use the Plein-Aircon even while stopped, without having to idle the engine. Thanks to the Smart Switch built into the power supply, this RV AC unit can be powered by both 12V DC and 115V AC power.

The cutting-edge 12V Samsung compressor works nearly silently, while using as low as 16 Amps per hour. It reliably cools and dehumidifies the air, and is ideal for vans, campers, and motorhomes up to 6 meters long.

The Indel B OFF Plein provides 4100 BTU (1200W) of cooling, which is just the right amount for most motorhomes. If you’re staying in a camper or van, anything more than 5000 BTU will be wasted energy.

This RV air conditioner kit comes with multiple comfort features, as well. If you want to schedule the AC to turn on in the morning, or before you go to sleep, you can take advantage of the timer, which lets you schedule ON and OFF times down to the minute. Controlling the Plein-Aircon is made easy and intuitive with the included remote control. Set the temperature, blower speed, and fan mode from anywhere in your cabin.

Technical Specifications of the Webasto Dual Top ST 6:

Maximum Heat Output

20,500 BTU (6 KW)



Fuel Consumption

0.05 - 0.17 gal/h (0.19-0.66 l/h)

Rated Voltage

12 V

Rated Power Consumption

15 - 65 W

Boiler Capacity

2.6 gal (9.8 l)

Maximum Air Flow

230 m^3/h


20.9 x 13.9 x 10.1 in (530 x 352 x 256 mm)


50.7 lbs (23 kg)

Technical Specifications of the Indel B OFF Plein-Aircon:

Input Voltage

12V DC (115-230V AC)

Maximum Power

4100 BTU (1.2 KW)

Power Consumption

16-42 A/h

Coolant Type


Fan Operating Modes

3 speeds + auto mode


55.8 lbs (25.3 kg)

External Dimensions

9.7 x 26.4 x 31.5 in (246.4 x 670.5 x 800 mm)

Internal Dimensions

2 x 21 x 23.6 in (50.8 x 533.4 x 600 mm)

Roof cut-out Dimensions

15.8 x 15.8 in (401 x 401 mm)

Suitable Roof Thickness

from 1.2 to 2.75 in (30.5-70 mm)