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Kalori Compact EVO1 E Heater 4.3kw 12v with 60mm outlets

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Kalori Compact EVO1 heat exchanger with 60 mm outlets for air ducting connection

Kalori is a Part of Eberspacher brand. It works ideal with Espar Hydronic and Webasto water heaters or other brand water heaters. Compact size water heat exchanger blower fan, can be ideal solution for water and air heating hydronic system. 

Evo1 comes with 2 outlet cover fro 60mm air ducting connection. Fits any 60mm ducting and outlets. 

Universal 16mm diameter fittings, easy installation and very quiet unit for space air heating.

- Ideal for Marine application, boats, vessels, yacht
– Water heat-exchanger
– Perfect solutions for construction  / machinery
– Equipped with a noiseless fan
– For a specialist automotive installation on a small vehicle, use the EVO1 ED4 Compact version with 4 air ducts and air vents to connect air ducting
– Systems used in an electric cars, due to low power consumption


  • Heating Power / output - 4,3 kW
  • Airflow produced - 230 m³/h
  • Power - 70 W
  • Noise levels - 63 dB
  • Weight - 2,2 kg
  • Water Fitting Connector Diameter - 16 mm
  • Ventilation speed -  3