Marine Water Heater Kits (10)

Marine water heaters – a must-have for any maritime transport

Espar is known for manufacturing the best quality products for commercial vehicles of all types. Since 1977, it has been the hub for heating systems around the globe. A leading company that’s known for innovative technological and climate solutions.

When it comes to water heaters, Espar products are definitely among the best. All of their heaters are extremely reliable and quiet. Made to preheat the engine before starting, which makes it less harsh in cold climates. Whether you are upgrading your heating cycle, or completely remodeling your boat or yacht, you can’t go wrong with Espar.

Espar heaters provide you with warm air and hot water on demand, which is especially important when traveling at sea. You need hot water for cleaning, drinking, showering, and maintaining a sterile environment to prevent disease. Marine hot water heaters always maintain a comfortable temperature, so you feel at home and can sleep well at night.

A marine heater kit usually includes everything you need for a quick and straightforward installation. Additionally, you can opt for an EasyStart controller, a fuel standpipe, and a hot air blower. Altogether, these parts will ensure that your cabin below deck is warm, and your marine travels are comfortable.