MaxxAir MaxxFan 4500K Standard Remote Control Vent - Smoke

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MaxxAir MaxxFan Remote Control Roof Fan Vent - Smoke lid

Remote control included

The MaxxAir MaxxFan Roof Vent ventilation system is an ideal ventilation solution for Camper / RV / Van conversion / Van / Motorhome. MaxxFan keeps fresh air moving, removes stale air and unwanted odor / smell. Roof vent from MaxxFan is extremely easy to operate via remote control. MaxxFan is extremely quiet. 12V motor runs 10 blades (12 inch / 30.48 cm) to ensure quiet operation in your RV / Van / Camper.

This is EMI approved version, which will not interfere with any electrical equipment, CB / emergency service radios. Majority of USA models does not comply with EMI.

Key features:

  • Remote controls fan speed, thermostat, and air intake and exhaust. 
  • Option to open the vent manually, by remote or using keypad.
  • MaxxFan can operate with the lid closed (ceiling fan).
  • All mounting screws and hardware included.
  • Control the Maxxfan with the built-in controls or by remote.
  • Fits 356x356mm roof openings.
  • Can be used while vehicle is moving.
  • Built in Thermostat and rain shield.


  • Smoke lid
  • Powerful 10 speed motor
  • 4 amps draw on highest settings
  • 0.2amps draw on lowest settings
  • 132mm above vehicle (when closed)
  • Additional controls for manual operation
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty with Lifetime Limited Warranty on lid
  • Fly screen provided for insect protection

Part number: 4500K