MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control Roof Fan Vent - White Lid

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MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control Tinted Roof Fan Vent - 7000KI40


The MaxxAir MaxxFan deluxe is the only complete RV ventilation system that includes a rain shield, a fan, and a vent in a single unit. This universality makes the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe WHite Lid Remote Control Roof Fan Vent the perfect ventilation solution for multiple applications, including RV, Van, Van Conversion, and more.

The MaxxFan Deluxe provides the circulation of fresh air, removing stale air and any unpleasant odors from the cabin. What makes this RV roof vent easy to operate is a remote control that lets the user adjust fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust. The same settings can also be controlled with a manual knob mounted on the frame.

The 12V fan provides several speed settings and two modes of operation - both manual and automatic. If you wish to adjust the speed manually, you will have the ability to choose from 10 different speed regimes, allowing you to control the airflow according to your needs. The automatic mode regulates the airflow according to the thermostat settings.

This RV fan is fully reversible, meaning that you will have the ability not only to “pump” fresh air into the cabin, but also exhaust stale air from the cabin. The fan runs quietly thanks to the fuse-protected sealed ball-bearing motor that is protected from dust and moisture.


Key features of the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control White 36 x 36 Roof Fan Vent:

  • The integrated rain cover protects the cabin of your vehicle

  • Cabin temperature adjusted with a thermostat

  • Remote controller included
  • Cool air and comfort at over 900 cubic feet per meter levels

  • The model not only provides circulation of fresh air but also removes any unpleasant smells from the cabin

  • Ceiling Fan Mode allows for the fan to circulate air with the lid completely closed

  • Easily detachable insect screen 

  • Integrated Control panel comes with all Deluxe models
  • Designed to fit all standard 16’’ x 16’’ roof openings (406x406mm)

  • The kit comes with all required mounting elements

  • The 12V motor runs 10 blades (12’’) to ensure noiseless operation

  • Tinted Cover to fit vehicle design and custom needs (mild shading) 


User benefits of the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control Roof Fan Vent:

The MaxxFan Deluxe does a great job at circulating fresh air, as well as removing stale air and unwanted smell from the interior of the vehicle. The RV fan is fully operational via a remote control and includes backup manual controls. Every single function (including fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust) can be adjusted both via the remote control or manually. 

The integrated rain shield provides protection from precipitation of all sorts. The fan can operate with the lid sealed in a Ceiling Fan Mode that helps circulate air inside the cabin.

An additional strong benefit provided by the MaxxAir MaxxFan model is the possibility to install it without drilling any holes into the roof of your vehicle or trailer. Instead, the mounting system uses brackets that mount to the sidewall securely. Like other vents covers by Airxcel, this model is made of high-density polyethylene with maximum UV protection, which translates to many years of protection.

EMI approved version, which will not interfere with any electrical equipment, CB / emergency service radios. USA models does not comply with EMI.


What the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe White Remote Control Roof Fan Vent is suitable for:

  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)

  • Van / Van Conversion

  • Camper / Campervan


Part number: 7000KI40

2 year warranty