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Victron Battery Monitor Protect 100A Discharge protection 12V 24V

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Victron Energy - Battery Protect 12 24V 100 Amp (BP-100)

BatteryProtect is designed to prevent battery damage by disconnecting it from non required loads or it has insufficient power left to start the engine.


VE Battery protect features:

Auto-ranging - Automatic voltage detection. Suitable for 12V and 24V systems

Easy programming - It can be set to operate or disconnect at several different voltages. The integrated display will display the setting selected.

Over voltage protection - disconnects the load when 16V / 32V lead is reached to prevent damage

Delayed alarm output - Output alarm is activated when voltage drops below voltage set for more than 12 seconds, so it will not activate alarm during engine starts.

Delayed load disconnect / reconnect - Load disconnects after 90 seconds after an alarm.  The load will be reconnected after 30 seconds, once the set voltage is reached. 



Alarm output delay - 12 Seconds

Load reconnect delay - 30 seconds

Load disconnect delay - 90 seconds

Peak Current - 600A

Operating voltage range - 6V - 35V

Maximum Continuous load current - 200A

Consumption (ON / OFF) - 1.5mA / 0.6mA

Connection - M8

Dimensions - 59mm x 42mm x 115mm (H x W x D)

Weight - 0.5Kg

Warranty - 5 Years