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Victron Energy Cyrix-ct 12V 24V Intelligent Battery Combiner Isolator 230A

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Victron Cyrix-ct 230A Intelligent Battery Combiner

Cyrix battery combiner is a microprocessor controller hevay duty relay, which  automatically  connects batteries when certain battery has reached set voltage limit and disconnects when the voltage decreases below float level. Cyrix has been developed by Victron Energy to replace old and not as reliable diode isolators. Cyrix main purpose is to make sure there is no voltage loss. When Cyri senses that starter battery has reached the voltage it will allow next battery to charge.

Part number: CYR010230010


  • Current: 230Amps
  • Cranking rate: 500Amps
  • Consumption: 4mA
  • Auto ranging: 12-24 Volts

Warranty included: 5 Years