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Victron Smart Battery Sense Wireless Bluetooth Temperature sensor 10 meters

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Victron Energy Smart Battery Sensor

Range - ~10 meters

Wireless temperature and voltage sensor for Victron MPPT Solar Chargers placed on your battery will allow the user to monitor performance, the battery will be better charged, which will improve efficiency and prolong battery life. 



Easy installation - Attach two Smart sense connections to your battery terminals and then attach Battery Sense unit directly to the body of your battery. A self-adhesive strip is provided with the SmartSense

Wireless connection - VE. Smart Network - Bluetooth Smart allows connectivity within 10 meters in range. No wires! Information from Solar Chargers can be transmitted via VictronConnect app from one, two or more chargers connected to the same 12V - 24V -48V battery bank.

Better battery performance - Battery data (for lead batters) is used to analyze and adjust the charge voltage. Battery data from lithium batteries are used to shut off and prevent the battery from chagrin if it is too cold, as charging cold batteries could result in irreversible cell damage


Part number: SBS050150200


 All Victron Energy products come with a 5-year warranty.