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Webasto Cool Top Trail 34 - RV Heating and Cooling Kit

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Webasto Cool Top Trail 34 - Rooftop air conditioning unit for parked RV with Remote control

Introducing Webasto Cool Top Trail 34 and air conditioning and heating unit, which is an ideal solution for your camper, camper van, or van conversion if you want to have heating and cooling capabilities!

Webasto Cool Top unit provides a wide temperature operating range, it can cool your vehicle down to -5C / 23F or heat up to 50C / 122F. Not only this unit allows you to heat, cool, and ventilate, but also provides timer, sleep and even dehumidification function! The remote controller included with these units to control Cool Top remotely! 

Besides a wide range of functionality, the unit is also extremely well built, high-quality materials and latest technologies prolong the lifetime and reduces maintenance costs. 

Webasto CTT 34 low profile body is made from UV stabilized polypropylene, so it is extremely tough, can withstand fair amount of pressure, but at the same time is very light. Designers looked into aerodynamics as well, to prevent friction, which is them moving towards for these units to be fully capable of running when driving and moving. At the moment operation is permitted when vehicles are parked. 

Technical Data:

  • Cooling Capacity - 3400 W / 11600 BTU
  • Heating Capacity - 3000 W / 10270 BTU
  • Operating range  -5°C / 23F to 50°C / 122F
  • Roof cutout - 400x400 (360x360 adapter available)
  • External system dimensions (mm) 1122 x 850 x 223
  • Internal Dimensions (mm) 575 x 515 x 49
  • Weight 48kg

Suitable for:

  • Road vehicles only
  • Ideal for Van, Camper, Motor home, Van conversion 


Part numbers:

  • HGN47090005 / HGN47080006
  • 9039073A


Please note! Due to the dimensions of the unit, it would be shipped on a pallet, therefore we would highly recommend contacting us for a shipping quote!