Webasto Thermo Top EVO SmarTemp 3.0 BT 12V Coolant heater kit

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Webasto Thermo Top EVO SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth 12V Coolant heater kit

Webasto TTE is a diesel coolant heater developed to replaced Webasto Thermo Top C. Thermo Top EVO heats up vehicle coolant system and interior quickly, due to high heat output of max 5kW / 17.200BTU. Preheating engine has a lot of benefits to the engine - increased wear (no more cold starts) of the engine or equipment heated by Webasto, saves fuel due to excess idling, as the engine can run immediately on working temperature after pre-heat and improve DPF performance of the vehicle in challenging weather conditions. 

Upgraded SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth controller provided with the kit offers easy control, monitor and diagnostics of the Thermo Top system.

Thermo Top EVO is extremally economical, well build compact unit, that can be installed in variety of applications, weather it is a marine, road or construction. 

Authorized North America Distributor!

Genuine North American kit - PN - 5013920A (if you are looking for Enclosed box version, please see 5013389A)



Heat Capacity: 8600-17200 BTU (2.5-5 kW)

Fuel:  Diesel or Bio-Diesel (up to 20percent)

Fuel Consumption: 0.8 to 0.13 gal/h (0.31 to 0.49l/h)

Voltage: 12V

Weight: 4.8lb (2.2kg)

Circulation pump flow rate: approx. 45l/h