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Autoclima U-GO! Portable air conditioning unit 12V

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Autoclima U-Go Portable Air conditioning unit

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This uniquely designed portable vehicle air conditioning unit by Autoclima is the freshest model in the popular Fresco range. Smaller in size than its other Italian cousins, this 12V portable air conditioner lets you maintain the temperature that’s right for you, as well as cool down or heat up the cabin. Why not take this tiny but powerful Italian creation on your next road trip? 

U-GO! is a versatile portable A/C suitable for any imaginable application, including Van, Van Conversion, Camping, Trucking and other. Thanks to its relatively low weight (19.5 kg), this beast of a conditioning unit can be easily moved around the vehicle (two handles and a sling ship with the kit). The compact size of this portable 12V air conditioning unit also means you can place it virtually anywhere in the cabin.

Please note, that unit will perform up to optimal unit operation temperatures, when outside temperatures are at 33°C or 91 °F, in extremely hot weathers unit can take longer to cool down evaporators 

Key features of the Autoclima U-Go Portable Air conditioning unit

  • This portable A/C is both featherweight (19.5 kg) and small in size (36 x 37 x 40 cm).  As the unit comes with two handles and a sling, moving it around the cabin (or taking it to another vehicle) is a breeze.
  • The U-GO! comes with its own tank to reduce water condensation. Any water dropping onto the compressor is immediately evaporated.
  • The unit includes a snorkel kit and cables that connect to the battery.
  • The U-GO! can be used not only when the vehicle is parked, but also while driving. When this 12V RV air conditioner is used on the go, it provides support to the primary onboard A/C unit. 
  • Perfect for cooling air on a warm day, the U-GO! Is also great for warming your vehicle on cool days.
  • The cooling capacity is at 950 W (3250 Btu). The unit can provide 450 m3/h air flow.
  • The kit includes timer and remote control.

User benefits of the Autoclima U-Go Portable Air conditioning unit

Do you own several vehicles or simply feel like sharing your gear with a friend on the road? Unlike some of the more cumbersome units on the market, the U-GO! is extremely portable. You can easily move your shiny U-GO! between different vehicles by simply removing the battery wiring harness and placing it in another vehicle. Want an even more hassle-free Plug&Play solution? Simply buy an extra set of battery wiring harnesses and install them on the vehicles you’d like to use your U-GO! unit on.

And as U-GO! is swappable across different vehicles means you can easily move this extremely portable 12V ac unit inside the cabin. The only limit is your imagination! Install it by your bunk, on the passenger seat, between the seats or any other place in the cabin. And the best thing about it? You don’t have to make any changes to the cabin or drill extra holes for hoses. You can use the U-GO! from the get-go.

If you are still on the fence whether the U-GO! is a good fit for you, you might want to know that this 12 volt portable air conditioner is not just great for your pocket, but also great for the environment. And as this Italian creation was designed to operate with the engine switched off, it reduces overall fuel consumption. Besides, the maintenance costs are low and the amount of the R134a refrigerant is limited.

Summing up, there’s any number of reasons - including portability and versatility - for why you should give U-GO! a go.

What the Autoclima U-Go Portable Air conditioning unit is suitable for:

  • Caravans / Camper / Campervan
  • Trucks
  • Trailer homes and other types of mobile homes
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Van / Van Conversion

Technical specifications





Coolant used


Max Power Consumption


Cooling Capacity

950W / 3250BTU


Remote and integrated timer

Ventilation speed

6 speeds (450 m3/h air flow)

Hot air function / Heating


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  • 5
    Very simple to use

    Posted by Katy Johnson on 31st Jul 2022

    I thought this would be a lot of work to install in my camper van, but there really is no installation. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  • 5
    Nice unit

    Posted by Alex Grachen on 28th Apr 2020

    I need to wait until the summer until I can properly use it when it is super hot here, but overall looks really good and the service was very efficient. Will be using in my motorhome, I just hope all this madness with the coronavirus will be finished by then and we can all travel safely.

  • 5

    Posted by Dwight mw van on 1st Jul 2019

    Lifesaver! Ugo is cheaper and more advanced than SLeep Well from indelB. Best choice for my van

  • 5
    Best solution!

    Posted by Quinn Cal on 14th Jun 2019

    It might not be the most powerful, but does its job just perfect! Cheapest solution out there

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Sebastian on 13th Apr 2019

    It arrived fast with Fedex, well packed and in great condition. Amazing product which I use with an Optima Blue Top battery and an off grid CTEK system in my Toyota Sienna. Can't find anything like it in the USA or Canada. Autoclima US and Canada representative was of no help, luckily I found Heatso. Well done guys!