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Maintenance & Repairs

Do your heaters come with a warranty?

All of our heaters come with a Warranty. Door to door warranty service included.

Do Espar / Eberspächer heaters require maintenance?

We only sell the most reliable heaters on the market. However, it is recommended to carry a pre-season check-up for your heater to make sure that it is ready for the trouble-free heating. Your heater will serve you longer and better if you service it regularly. 

Regardless of the season, it is recommended to run the heater every month for a minimum period of 15 minutes. This will help the heater to burn away any combustion residue in the burner chamber. It will ensure that the fuel in the lines to the heater does not gel and solidify and that the heater will start reliably when heating season arrives.

Can I service the heater myself?

Users with advanced knowledge can service Espar / Eberspächer and Webasto heaters themselves. However, you have to bear in mind that works undertaken by the customer can void the warranty.

It is strongly recommended that your heater is inspected and serviced by Espar / Eberspächer, Webasto or any other appropriate brand trained mechanic. Any usage of non-genuine Espar / Eberspächer or Webasto parts and components is not recommended as it may cause damage to your heater.

Can you service the heater for me?

Yes. We provide affordable diagnostics and repair services for Espar / Eberspächer heaters. You can send us an enquiry using the Contact Us form.

Where can I find part numbers?

You can find the list of parts with numbers here:

Do you offer heater repair services? 

Yes, we do offer heater repair services - please go to our Diagnostics and Repair Services page to learn more.