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Van and RV essentials checklist

When living in an RV, essential items ensure that you have warmth, security, water, and electricity. Here's an RV essentials list for the trip you’re so excited for.

12 Volt Rooftop Air Conditioner For Van

This AC is perfect for cooling and dehumidifying camper vans that are up to 6 meters long. The kit includes everything you need for an easy installation, which makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts and van conversions.

It’s compact dimensions and power efficiency make this 12V DC-powered air conditioner ideal for medium sized vehicles that don’t have inverters or back-up generators.

Indel B Cruise 65 Fridge

Indel The Cruise 65 refrigerator/freezer is an ideal cooling solution for your RV or van conversion. Together with the compact freezer compartment, the refrigerator has a 65 liter capacity, enough to store a few days’ worth of food and beverages.

Webasto Dual Top ST

Everyone’s favorite Webasto dual top heater is back with a new stainless steel boiler and some nifty new features. The new Webasto Dual Top ST series heaters are direct successors of the Webasto Dual Top Evo 6 and Dual Top Evo 8 heaters.

Find out how to choose a Webasto diesel water and air heater and learn about their history.

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Stay Cool with an Autoclima Air Conditioning Unit

Compared to other types of air conditioners, portable units are a great option. They offer solid air circulation, a large cooling capacity, and are perfect for van life thanks to their portability. Not having to drill any holes and being able to move the AC when necessary is also a big advantage when living in an RV.

Choosing a Webasto heater in 2021

Webasto is a German-based manufacturer of custom heating, air conditioning, and sun roof solutions for a variety of applications. Their air and water heaters are regarded as some of the best in the world for being silent, high-quality, and cost-effective. Webasto heaters are known for being long-lasting and low-maintenance, with spare parts readily available when necessary.

Shop GoPower! Solar Kits

Solar power eliminates expenses such as spending on fuel for your generator, or paying for plug-in fees at campgrounds. Solar panels will generate free electricity for decades to come, require very little maintenance, and reduce environmental impact.

The Go Power! 130W portable solar kit is a convenient solution for those who don’t want to permanently mount a solar panel on their rooftop, but still want to power their day-to-day appliances without worries.

The Overlander solar charging kit 190 Watts is the largest and most popular single panel 12-volt solar kit from Go Power! The roof-mounted monocrystalline panel provides energy even in low light conditions.

Foldable solar panels offer exceptional portability and versatility. Deploy the GP-PSK-200 and have your batteries charging from the sun in a matter of minutes.

The 200 watt solar panel flexible design means that it can conform to almost any surface. Although it’s remarkably thin, the solar panel is made out of marine-grade materials, which allows the solar module to bend to up to 30 degrees without breaking.

The five powerful solar panels produce enough power to fully utilize an inverter charger. Coupled with a 3000 Watt inverter charger from Go Power!, the GP-FLEX-500 can take your motorhome completely off-grid.

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