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Go Power! solar panels for RVs and vessels

Go Power! solar panels are low-profile and durable - silently and efficiently converting sunlight to energy for years to come. Go Power! offers a range of market-leading flexible solar panels, marine-grade semi-flexible solar panels, and solar panel systems for sale. Go Power! has been making solar products that users trust and rely on, for 25 years.

Wide range of solar panels from Go Power!

The quality of Go Power! solar panels is unrivalled. They are made from high-grade, durable materials using cutting-edge technologies. Go Power! produces some of the best flexible solar panels, for example, the GP-FLEX-200. These thin-film solar panels are built durable, thin, and lightweight. They’re perfect for low-profile applications and curved surfaces on RVs, boats, ATVs or campers. 

There are also traditional solar panels, sold in solar panel kits or separately, that have high efficiency power output capabilities. Traditional panels are the most popular, as they offer a balanced combination of durability, power output, and versatility.

Suitcase solar panels, like the GP-PSK-200, fold into solar suitcases and offer increased portability and fast deployment. These are a perfect option for those who don’t want to permanently mount a panel on their rooftop. All Go Power solar panels are weather-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. Such a rich ecosystem of solar energy solutions makes Go Power! stand out from the competition since 1996.

The advantages of solar power

When it comes to living off-grid, solar power is a modern, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution. A single solar kit can reduce or eliminate the need for noisy, air-polluting generators and power your appliances with clean energy. A portable solar panel can drastically reduce your other expenses, such as plug-in fees at campsites, and conveniently provide you with free power when you need it.

Another major benefit of Go Power solar chargers is that they require little to no maintenance since solar panels have no moving parts. Just make sure that the panel is clean, and regularly check that there are no loose connections in your solar energy system.

Every Go Power! solar panel includes a solar power output warranty. This is a guarantee from the manufacturer, that the panel will continue producing approximately the same power output for the duration of the warranty.

Know your solar power output needs

When it comes to portable solar power, unlike grid-tie solar systems, it is impossible to sell back any of the surplus solar power you generate. If you’re not sure what power output you need, we suggest using the Go Power RV Solar Calculator. It will calculate your daily and weekly Amp/hour draw, and suggest a personalized solar kit according to your needs.

History of Go Power!!

In 1996, Go Power! was launched as an ambitious Canadian solar energy product manufacturer. Over the past 25 years, Go Power! has grown to become one of the biggest solar product manufacturers in North America. Now a subsidiary of California-based Valterra Products, Go Power! provides a wide range of reliable and efficient solar power solutions.

Delivery times, shipping terms, and other info

All orders are eligible for fast shipping, and we offer Free shipping on orders over 499$ to the USA and Canada. When your order is confirmed, your package will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours. The average delivery time is in between one and three days thanks to our trusted and world-renowned courier partners, though it may take longer depending on your location. 

Please note that at the moment we do not ship Go Power! products directly to Canada. Please feel free to contact our support team at support@heatso.com if you have any questions regarding a Go Power! product that interests you or that you have already purchased.