Marine Air Heater Kits (10)

An essential asset to a luxurious vehicle – the marine air heater kit

Yachts, narrowboats, sailboats, and various types of other luxurious means of transport could be better off with a marine air heater kit. Webasto or Espar / Eberspacher auxiliary air heaters for sale will allow all passengers and travellers to feel much more comfortable during short and/or longer journeys. 

Please browse our online catalog and find the broad range of diesel-powered marine air heater kits for boats. 12V or 24V models with various power outputs (ranging from 2 to over 4 kilowatts) can be utilized and fitted into your sea-conquering vessel. 

What is the most surprising feature of this device is probably its ingenuity and simplicity. Despite being an engineering masterpiece, the marine air heater kit is simple to install, and the manual provides all of the necessary info, in order to get started. Anyone can DIY, no extra or additional knowledge is required. The heater works in harsh conditions, regardless of what weather is outside. It is an especially beneficial purchase for any owner who enjoys the finer comfort when travelling.

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Shipping terms & conditions, other essential info

Heatso ships marine air heater kits globally. You can get it whether you live in the US, Canada or Australia. To find the best product for you, please browse the online catalog and compare the products for sale. If you are having trouble selecting the best diesel air heater, get in touch! We will be glad to help.

Furthermore, with regards to delivery, it usually takes the shipment around 2 to 4 business days to arrive. We ship the kit through FedEx and UPS within 24 hours after you complete the purchase. We can arrange a different shipping method if you find it more convenient.

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