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Marine Installation Kit for Airtronic D2 / D4

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Marine installation upgrade kit 

This kit can be used if you have a heater with universal installation kit and want to install it in marine environment.

Why is this marine kit better than the ones offered by other suppliers? The answer is that it comes with 2m length (30mm diameter!) marine exhaust with integrated silencer with higher grade insulation and nice cover on top. Standard marine kits usually only have standard exhaust hose which is smaller in diameter - 24mm - no muffler and only has low quality insulation. Our kit also includes L shape adaptor for the exhaust together with the water drain to make sure your heating system gets the moisture out and does not get damaged. Our marine kit also comes with 30mm genuine Eberspacher hull fitting for the exhaust hose while standard marine kits come with 24mm diameter hull futtings which are often manufactured by a different manufacturer, not Eberspacher / Espar. 

The kit is suitable for Airtronic D2 / Airtronic D4 models. Also suitable for Airtronic D5 but this heater requires a different mount bracket - please contact us if you want to order this kit for Airtronic D5 heater.

Items included:

  • Premium Marine Exhaust Hose (Length = 2m, Diameter = 30cm) with 1m silencer integrated inside (covered with higher grade insulation + cover on top). This is one of the most silent marine exhausts on the market.        marine-exhaust-.jpg


  • Marine Exhaust Clamp
  • 24mm to 30mm 90Deg Exhaust Adapter 
  • Water Drain
  • 30mm hull fitting
  • Marine grade fuel line 
  • 60 cm Fuel Standpipe
  • Stainless Steel Mount Bracket (L shape)
  • Combustion air silencer

Please note, this is a universal installation kit. Each marine installation is unique and should be undertaken by a trained engineer who can decide if your installation requires any adjustments or additional parts to comply with local safety regulations. Marine safety regulations should be observed at all times!