RV refrigerators and freezers (19)

Keep things cool and fresh with a fridge for vans and RVs

When travelling with an RV, having a cold place to store food and beverages is crucial. 12V fridges for vans are useful and versatile. An RV freezer/fridge keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and your drinks cold, and it does so reliably with minimal power consumption.

There are many types of fridges: from portable fridge/freezers, to mounted chest-style fridges. RV fridges are compressor fridges that are designed to function while in motion. They’re made to withstand vibrations, tilting, and impacts, which makes them perfect for dynamic van life.

Types of RV freezer/fridges

All of our Indel B fridges can be powered using 12 volt DC power, so you can undoubtedly connect them to your RV battery. The cutting-edge SECOP compressor units are energy efficient and powerful, and cool the fridge quickly and reliably down to the desired temperature.

Portable refrigerators are a great option for a weekend outdoors, for a picnic or lunch near the lake. An Indel B Travel Box fridge can be powered using either an AC or DC power source, so you can charge it in your RV or at home, using grid power. It features multiple power modes, like Turbo and ECO, so you can adjust the power draw to fit your needs. 

Mounted Indel B Cruise refrigerators are ideal for camper vans and should be part of any van build. They have minimal power consumption and are an irreplaceable piece of equipment in any kitchen. Most full time mounted fridges cannot be powered by AC power, but they accept both 12V and 24V DC. That means that such fridge/freezers can be powered from the battery, or even using solar panels.

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