Tiny but Mighty: Small RV Fridge for Cozy Spaces

Tiny but Mighty: Small RV Fridge for Cozy Spaces

Posted by Heatso on 14th May 2024

Van life fridges are small, portable cooling appliances that fit easily into your camper van. Designed specifically for van life, they keep your food fresh, your beverages cold, and your van interior well-organized.


When you're living on the road, carrying the right stuff in your van or RV is super important. An essential item for van lifers is a small fridge. These little fridges might not seem like much, but they're great for keeping food fresh on the go.


We're going to talk all about small RV fridges - what makes them great, what to look for when buying one, and how to take care of them. So if you're thinking about getting a small camper fridge for RV, or van, keep reading!


The size of your fridge is an important decision in van life! The average van lifer needs 10-13 liters of space per day, per person. Days refer to how long you want to avoid going to the grocery store.


Another very important thing to know about sizes is that chest-style fridges hold more products. Chest style fridges offer more space for food, so van lifers with chest style refrigerators typically have smaller volume fridges.


Surveys show that the size of solo van lifer chest style refrigerators ranges from 24L to 75L, whereas a family might require a larger fridge.


You'll find upright fridges most often in larger motorhomes, while under-bench fridges are more common in vans and RVs.


To put it simply, if you don't have special diet requirements, you can supplement your food storage with a small camper refrigerator and buy fresh items regularly.


When it comes to choosing a small RV fridge for your van or RV, there are several important factors to consider. As we discussed previously, you will want to consider the fridge's size and capacity.


Next up is the power source. Small RV fridges can typically run on various power sources, including battery power, AC power, or even solar power. You need to make sure your RV has the power your fridge needs.


Another key factor is energy efficiency. If you live off-grid or want to reduce your carbon footprint, an energy-efficient fridge can help. To save on power, choose fridges with high energy efficiency ratings.


Noise level is also something to consider, especially if you're sensitive to noise or hang around your fridge a lot. Your living space will be more comfortable if you choose a low-noise fridge.


Build quality and durability are key to making sure your fridge can handle traveling. Look for fridges made from high-quality materials and with solid construction to last longer.


Simple tips can go a long way in improving the performance of your small RV fridge. First off, make sure your fridge has proper ventilation and insulation.


It keeps a consistent temperature inside the fridge, ensuring that your food stays fresh for longer. You can also maximize space and airflow in your fridge by keeping it organized.


Consider pre-cooling items before putting them in the fridge to save energy. It's especially helpful when loading up your fridge with groceries.


Another handy trick is to make use of refrigerator accessories, such as fridge fans and thermometers. Fridge fans can help circulate air more effectively, while thermometers let you keep an eye on the fridge's temperature.

Use these tips to make your small RV fridge work better. You'll have more space and always have fresh, cold food on your travels.


When it comes to choosing the best small refrigerators/freezers for RVs, there are several top picks you'll want to know about.

Product 1: OFF Indel B TB51 Black Portable Compressor Refrigerator

The OFF Indel B TB51 Black Portable Compressor Refrigerator  can hold 47 liters and keeps food and drinks cold for hours.


Dual voltage support works with different power sources, so you're always prepared. This small camper fridge offers low power consumption, so you'll save energy and battery life.

This compact refrigerator is suitable for leisure vehicles, industrial vehicles, buses, trucks, and motorhomes. Its wide temperature range from -22°C to +12°C provides flexibility for cooling or freezing food and drinks as needed.

Product 2: GoSun Chillest - Portable Electric Cooler/Freezer

The GoSun Chillest is a solar-powered electric cooler and freezer that's portable and easy to use. You can easily transport it over uneven ground thanks to its built-in telescoping handle.


Equipped with a brushless compressor, the Chillest provides precise temperature control via a touch screen.

The Chillest is designed to be ice-free, so your food won't get soggy or wet. Its environmentally friendly design makes it powered by solar energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

Product 4: Ecoflow Glacier Portable Refrigerator

The Ecoflow Glacier is a versatile 3-in-1 portable freezer, 12V cooler, and RV refrigerator powered by a powerful 120W compressor.


With a removable divider, the EcoFlow Glacier lets you refrigerate and freeze simultaneously. As a bonus, it offers independent temperature control for different types of items.


With quick and efficient cooling capabilities, it keeps your food and beverages fresh and chilled even without external power sources for up to 40 hours.

Product 5: OFF IndelB DR49 Drawer 49-liter Refrigerator Stainless Steel Look

The OFF IndelB DR49 Drawer 49-liter Refrigerator is super convenient with its built-in freezer compartment and efficient LED lighting. It adapts to various container sizes, reducing food waste, and has adjustable bars for flexible storage.


Its DC 12/24V voltage and 40-watt power consumption guarantee solid performance, and its smooth glide opening mechanism makes it easy to reach your favorite foods.

With sturdy drawers and adjustable compartments, this fridge offers plenty of storage and keeps your food fresh and chilled during your on-the-go adventures.


Your mini refrigerator will last longer and perform better if you take care of it. Firstly, regular cleaning and defrosting prevent dirt, dust, and ice from building up, which can ruin cooling.


Keep your small camper fridge clean and odor-free by wiping it down with mild detergent and warm water. In addition, defrosting the freezer compartment when ice builds up provides proper airflow and temperature regulation.


Secondly, check for leaks and damages right away so they don't get worse. Check the fridge seals regularly to make sure they're intact and free of cracks or tears that could compromise sealing.


Thirdly, make sure your small RV fridge has the right power supply and voltage. Regularly check the electrical connections to guarantee they're secure and corrosion-free. Make sure the fridge gets the right voltage and amperage to keep it cool.


Finally, ensure you store and secure the fridge during travel to prevent damage. During transit, protect the fridge with straps or mounting brackets to make sure it doesn't shift. While moving the fridge, consider adding shock-absorbing materials or padding.


It's no secret that travelers benefit from small refrigerators because they offer convenience, flexibility, and ease of use.


Consider factors like size, capacity, power source, energy efficiency, noise level, durability, and extra features as you look for the best small RV fridge.


The right small fridge for RV can make a big difference in your adventures on the road and makes your van life experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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