EcoFlow PPS Solar Kits (12)

EcoFlow Solar Power Station Kits

Portable solar power station kits are an ideal source of clean renewable energy for your off-grid home. The compact and lightweight design of both the solar panels and power stations makes this entire bundle easy to transport and deploy. You can use an EcoFlow Delta, River, or River Max portable power station combined with a few solar panels to reliably power all of your devices and appliances anywhere you go.

What is a Portable Solar Power Station?

Portable power stations (PPS) are lithium-based energy banks that have changed the game for campers and hitchhikers around the world. These green sources of energy are an eco-friendly option and have become popular due to their practicality and transportability. They replace those noisy and polluting gas generators, letting you enjoy nature in peace.

One of the greatest advantages of a solar power station is that there are multiple ways how you can charge it. Although you can always charge it from an AC source like the grid, that’s not always an option when you’re traveling. When combined with a solar panel, the PPS becomes a complete solar power charging station, capable of powering your appliances and charging your devices for days on end. For example, you can power the EcoFlow River in less than 3 hours with a single 160W solar panel. That means that you can use it all day, set it to charge in the morning, and have your PPS fully charged by noon.