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RV and marine refrigerators and freezers

Keep things cool and fresh with RV & Marine refrigeration solutions

When travelling with an RV or on a boat, one of the most difficult tasks is sourcing and finding the right areas for food products, beverages and cool places to keep other consumables. However, no less important is the comfort and cool air in the cabin for the passengers to enjoy.

Good RV and marine refrigerators are hard to come by. This is why Heatso offers efficient, capable and highly precise solutions for refrigeration on the go.

You might be wondering at first. Well, but how do RV refrigerators/freezers/AC’s work? What are their sizes? What is their power source? Where is the cooling unit? How it works? Is it convenient? Let us answer all those questions first. RV and marine refrigerators work by sourcing power from the auxiliary or main battery/alternator (energy source) of the vehicle. The cooling unit is compact and does not consume a whole lot of energy, while the convenience is second to none. Sizes are relevantly compact but can also be mini or large, depending on the model and its capabilities

Since the required maintenance for Autoclima portable air conditioners (related to freezers) is little and the installation is quite straightforward, this entire system can be labelled as very convenient for the owner of the vehicle and the travelers also.

Furthermore, the Waeco CFX wireless temperature sensor & display can help you remotely monitor the temperature, and air conditioning system in your RV and/or marine vehicle. This adds a whole new dimension of comfort because you can be out and about exploring new territories and return to the RV or boat to find the interior perfectly cool. This item improves temperature maintenance and is small, portable and can be positioned to be in the most accessible spot.

Keep an eye out for sales on the mentioned and reduced prices for different products as well.

Buy safe, buy cheap from Heatso online store

If you choose to buy online from Heatso, you are definitely getting the best prices and the most affordable cost for high-quality and premiere air heating and refrigerating/cooling solutions around. The marine and RV refrigerators and refrigeration units are going to be of great use when it comes to travelling and journeying on a hot summer day or whenever the sun could turn the interior of your vehicle into a sauna.

All of our online customers not only get access to the widest assortment of units and accessories but can also gain knowledge by communicating with our unbiased and down-to-earth support team. Their unbiased insights will help you choose the right products (coolers, freezers, other accessories) without overspending or looking the wrong way and wasting time. Regardless of whether you own a yacht, sailboat, narrowboat or a recreational vehicle, our support team can help out a great deal!

Finally, we would like to note that Heatso is a transparent, UK-registered re-seller that offers safe and secure online shopping. Your data is encrypted and protected while payments are handled by payment processing companies known worldwide (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.). If you have any other questions regarding shipping, import taxes applicable to your purchase – read our Terms & Conditions sub-page or get in touch with the support.

Shipping terms & conditions

Heatso ships globally. Shipping duration and cost vary slightly, depending on your location. We can deliver to Canada, Panama, Germany, and almost anywhere in the whole wide world. Usually, the delivery takes 2 to 4 working days, but if your order does not exceed the total amount of 100USD, we can use Tracked Mail Service which could take a little while longer. For heater and pricier product shipment, Heatso trusts the two postage and courier partners – FedEx and UPS. Your order will likely be shipped within 24 hours after order completion.

If you want to arrange a more convenient shipping method or have a different option in mind, please let us know! We can adapt to your needs.

In the end, if any questions about the shipping or the marine and RV refrigeration units for sale persist – do not wait any longer and get in touch.