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Webasto Air Top 2000ST 2000STC 12v Glow Pin 1322420A

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Webasto AT2000ST and AT2000 STC  Replacement Glow Pin

Replacement glow pin for Webasto STC Diesel or Petrol heaters. Damaged or dirty glow pin will result in heater blowing cold air, not ignite fuel appropriately, heater smoking. Eventually your heater will require major maintanence. Check the glow pin regularly, clean or replace if necessary. Faulty or dirty glow pin will not ignite fuel oxygen mixture and will end up filling combustion chamber with carbon. Maintain your heater well to prolong service.

Voltage: 12 volts

Webasto Part Number:

  • 1322420A
  • 9005086A  

Suitable for the following Webasto heaters:

  • Webasto Air Top 2000ST 12v
  • Webasto Air Top 20000STC 12v